Full Name
Brent Whittington
Job Title
Strategic Advisor
Datos Insights
Speaker Bio
Brent is a 25-year veteran of the industry with depth of experience in cyber and fraud risk management built on a foundation of large scale, high availability, enterprise technology process, delivery, and operational excellence. He has built and run large, complex, high-availability IT operations for the largest banks in the U.S. He is certified as an Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and has built cybersecurity programs (technical, operational, and policy frameworks) for top U.S. banks and retailers.

Brent has 10 additional years of experience building, monitoring, and providing oversight for ground-up fraud prevention programs for the financial services industry, including consumer banking, brokerage, and credit card business lines across all products and channels, including intelligence, analytics, prevention, detection, investigations, and cyber fusion. He is an industry subject-matter expert for AI/machine learning fraud detection, proactive controls testing (aka “red teaming”), behavioral biometrics, and cyber fraud fusion.
Brent Whittington