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Retail Bank Transformation Americas

Regulatory Insight

  • CFPB Priorities for the Coming Year
    In this session, hear about the top priorities and concerns impacting consumer financial services on which the CFPB will be focused during the remainder of 2024 and beyond.
    Leslie Parrish, Deputy Assistant Dir., Consumer Credit, Payments, and Deposits Markets, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • CFPB Rule 1033: A Regulatory Burden or a First Step Towards a New Open Banking System
    Embracing the imminent changes proposed by the CFPB's 1033 rule heralds a new era in financial services. This panel discussion will explore the rule's implications for open banking, consumer empowerment, and digital finance innovation. Industry experts will explore how institutions can seize the opportunities and manage the risks presented by open banking. Join us to unravel the transformative potential of the 1033 rule and how it shapes the future of banking for institutions of all sizes.
    Don Cardinal, Managing Director, Financial Data Exchange
  • Q&A: Ask Your Regulator 
    Leslie Parrish, Deputy Assistant Director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will answer financial institutions’ most pressing questions at Retail Bank Transformation Americas 2024.
    Leslie Parrish, Deputy Assistant Dir., Consumer Credit, Payments, and Deposits Markets, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Business Model Innovation

Branch Transformation

  • Keynote: Branch Transformation Redefined
    Retail financial institutions have an opportunity to offer a blend of digital and human interaction and a seamless experience across all channels so they can be there for customers when, where, and how they choose.  Wells Fargo’s Head of Branch Systems and Transformation will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how the bank is preparing to optimize this potential.
    Brad Nolan, Head of Branch Systems and Transformation Consumer, Small & Business Banking, Wells Fargo

  • Leading Change: Getting Buy-In for Retail Transformation
    In this fireside chat, hear how Centier Bank created a shared vision for the branch and built consensus among key stakeholders, resulting in faster decision-making and change adoption.
    Ben Hopper, Managing Director of Retail Strategy, Adrenaline
    Deborah Lumpkin, Senior Partner, Centier Bank

  • Expanding Customer Access with Unique Approaches to Branch Transformation
    With today’s technology and distribution options, financial institutions can redefine their branch strategy by using both interactive self-service AND expanding access with branded ATMs.  Join NCR Atleos as we present case studies on how financial institutions are leveraging this approach as part of their strategies.
    Lauren Morrison, Vice President of Card Products and Services, VyStar
    Steve Nogalo, General Manager - North America, Banking, NCR
    Steve Pierce, Vice President, Innovation, Black Hills Federal Credit Union

  • Optimizing and Harnessing the ATM Channel for Efficiency 
    A robust self-service network can provide FIs with new ways to optimize costs; moreover, strategically deployed ATMs can supplement reduced branch networks, maintaining brand presence and providing not just cash services but also enhanced remote services.
    Hyosung and customer bank 

  • Transforming Retail Banking: Unveiling the Power of Branch Virtualization
    Join the experts from Microsoft, Kyndryl, and NGBT for this panel discussion as they delve into the realm of branch virtualization within retail banking, exploring its multifaceted impact on customer engagement, operational agility, and cost-effectiveness.
    NGBT, Microsoft and customer bank

  • How Rockland Trust is Modernizing Branch Operations
    Hear how Rockland Trust is using new tools in branch operations to improve execution, reduce audit risk and free up branch employees time for more customer facing activities.
    Jennifer Banks Goulart, VP, Branch & Security Operations, Rockland Trust
    Pete Daugherty, Solutions Consultant, Financial Services, Zebra Technologies

Customer Experience

Payments Modernization

  • A Confusion of CBDCs: What Is Really Going On?
    Join a CBDC expert as he cuts through the fog and presents what is really going on in the world of CBDCs and highlights the real issues involved in CBDC development.
    Dr. Franklin Noll, Lead Payments Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

  • Does Payments Innovation Drive Consumer Engagement?
    From embedded finance to open banking and real-time payments, consumers have the power of payments at their disposal; Akita Somani will explore what the increasingly omnichannel payments landscape means for banks trying to drive consumer engagement.
    Akita Somani, Senior Vice President, BNPL/POS Lending, U.S. Bank

  • Real-Time Payments To Improve Customer Experience
    Real-time payments in the U.S. have arrived, with FedNow gaining traction across the banking ecosystem, alongside The Clearing House RTP.  What will the impact be of real-time payments on the customer experience in banking, P2P and commerce?   
    Philip Sprague, AVP, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston for the FedNowSM Service Program