Join us for Retail Bank Transformation Europe 2024!

With digital natives making up an ever-increasing share of their customer base, banks must offer smooth, convenient, and secure remote banking services while recognizing the continuing role of physical touchpoints and face-to-face interactions. Rapidly changing consumer behaviors and priorities are creating both challenges and opportunities. 

Retail Bank Transformation Europe features over 30 thought leadership sessions from industry experts and innovative case studies from world-leading banks. Attendees will come away with powerful ideas, insights, connections, and data to make critical decisions impacting the competitive positioning of their organization and future of the industry. 

Why Attend?

  • Access to a curated technology expo where providers demonstrate their offerings and discuss how they helped clients achieve results 
  • Straight talk on what’s working and what isn’t from leading financial institutions, services providers, and payments and tech providers
  • Insights from original research on changing customer needs and behaviors, all exclusively focused on banking institutions 
  • Visibility into how financial institutions can learn from fintech startups and other disruptors 
  • Perspectives on which technology investments to prioritize in coming months  

Download a one page summary of Retail Bank Transformation Europe and the value of attending.  

What’s Unique About RBT Europe? 

  • Meaningful Networking: Forge genuine connections within the industry, exchange insights, and nurture existing professional relationships. 
  • Insightful Discussions: Engage in frank conversations away from sales-driven pitches, exchanging challenges and potential solutions related to key topics in financial services. 
  • Diverse Perspectives: Experience diverse viewpoints from practitioners, vendors, and fintechs, going beyond the headlines to uncover valuable insights. 
  • Collaborative Environment: Meet financial institutions, regulators, and service providers in a setting conducive to innovation and mutual understanding of consumers' financial needs and challenges. 

Key Topics

  • Artificial intelligence in banking 
  • Bank security 
  • Branch transformation 
  • Customer service in the digital age
  • Delivering personalization through data
  • Digital banking and financial wellness as engagement tools
  • Digital inclusion 
  • Digital onboarding and decisioning 
  • Embedded finance and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) 
  • Financial inclusion 
  • Omnichannel integration
  • Optimising self-service channels to enhance customer journeys
  • Outsourcing and managed services 
  • Payment transformation 
  • Real-time payments to improve customer experience 
  • Self-service strategy 

Who Should Attend?

Retail Banking Transformation Europe is designed for senior retail banking and payments leaders focused on customer experience and product/service deliver and executives from technology companies offering solutions in this space. The program addresses both the revenue and cost sides of banking activities.  Representative titles of executives attending include: 

  • Head of Retail Banking
  • Chief Banking Officer
  • Channel Strategy Officer
  • Digital Banking Executive
  • Chief Credit Officer
  • Head of Experience Design
  • Payment Executive
  • Payment Transformation Officer
  • Product Development Executive
  • Head of Branch Distribution
  • Head of Self-Service
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Omnichannel Manager

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Featured Speakers

David Albertazzi
David Albertazzi
Datos Insights
John Horn
John Horn
Director, Cybersecurity Practice
Datos Insights
Alex Maple
Alex Maple
Datos Insights
David Shipper
David Shipper
Strategic Advisor
Datos Insights
Ron van Wezel
Ron van Wezel
Strategic Advisor
Datos Insights
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